Association of volunteers in the museums
O.N.L.U.S.- D.R. 2324/94; D.R. 2325/94

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The Museum Volunteers Association was established in Rome in 1994, is registered in the Lazio Regional Registry of Voluntary [ non-profit] Associations under Social Services [D.R. 2325/94] Section II and under the Culture Section [ D.R. 2324/94], is associated with EISS  [Social Services Training School] and with UIC [ Italian Association for the Blind]. Museum has always been working on the promotion of Italy’s rich cultural heritage among the  disabled,  for whom access is still limited. Since 1995, the Museum Association has been officially acknowledged  by and works for the Municipality of Rome, BB.CC. Dept. [Culture  Monuments and  Fine Arts], in Rome’s major museums. 


    Giuseppina Simili      

Maria Poscolieri 

    Rosangela De Acutis      






  •  University or College Degree;

  •  Diploma from Regione Lazio to qualify for voluntary work.


  •  Regional Training Courses for Voluntary work

  •  Studies in Art History and Archeology

  •  Seminars on sight, hearing, locomotor , mental disabilities and related
     psychological problems


                                            WORKING METHODS

  • The Association has developed and currently applies its own specific methods of intervention, inspired by and updated with those of London’s British Museum, and with the contribution of the Special Education Dept., Bologna University, Roma 3 University, the S’ed Centre (Education Service of the Ministry for Arts and Culture), the National tactile Museum Omero (Ancona) and Anteros ( the Tactile Museum of Ancient and Modern Painting in Bologna)

                                                    RANGE OF ACTIVITIES


  •  Tactile tours for blind, partially sighted, deaf-and-blind visitors;
  •  Guided tours with special assistance for visitors with locomotor, hearing and
     slight mental disabilities, and for the elderly;
  •  Workshops with special coaching for children with Down Syndrome, blind
     visitors and persons with medium to serious mental disorders;
  •  Workshops on clay modelling and ceramics for blind children and adults;
  •  Workshops for persons with visual disabilities to stimulate and improve their
     virtual sight capacity;
  •  Workshops for blind persons to teach them how to “ read” relief images;
  •  Workshops on drawing techniques for the blind and on the use of paints for
     people with visual and slight mental disabilities;
  •  Workshops on “ Reading performances” for the blind.



  •  Courses, seminars, apprenticeships on handicaps for art historians and
     tour operators;

  •  Training courses for voluntary educational operators in the field of
     handicaps [ sponsored by Regione Lazio];

  •  Language, phonetics and elocution classes for blind and partially sighted
     persons [sponsored by Comune di Roma];

  •  Image reading course for blind and partially sighted persons.

  • A tactile tour “ The Barracco Museum -please touch “for blind and partially sighted visitors, with the support of relief plans and labelling, Italian and English Braille texts, relief sketchbooks, explanatory audiotapes ( all sponsored by Comune di Roma) 1998;
  • A tactile tour for blind and partially sighted visitors of the Apartment in Palazzo dei Conservatori, with the support of eleven files showing plans for each room together with printed and Braille notes ( sponsored by Comune di Roma) 1999;
  • A tactile tour of the exhibition “ I Piceni” at the Archeological Museum in Teramo, with a relief plan of the exhibition hall, Braille and printed files, audiotape (sponsored by Comune di Teramo) 2000;

  • Pantheon Project: “ 1 Message + access Language Codes = Social Integration” Awarded with 70/100 qualification points in the call for bids Co-financing of projects for the 2003 European Yearofthe Disabled (intragovernmental resolution 20-06-2002);

  •  A tactile tour for blind and partially sighted visitors of the Musei Capitolini- Palazzo Nuovo with the support of n. 2 Plans with Italian and English captions, n. 1 guide book with printed and Braille texts and attached CD (sponsored by Comune di Roma - Culture,Monuments&Fine Arts Department- by the “Amici dei Musei” Association and by the MuseumAssociation)2003;

  • A tactile tour in the Musei Capitolini – Appartamento dei Conservatori, with the support of Braille and printed texts and audio CD. (sponsored by Regione Lazio and by the Museum Association ) 2004;

  • A tactile tour for blind and partially sighted visitors of the Museo della Civiltà Romana with the support of n. 2 panels and n. 8 thematic printed and Braille files (sponsored by Comune di Roma –Culture Monuments and Fine Arts Department - and by the Museum Association.);

  • N° 28 Braille explanatory files on the archeological sites connected with the Colleferro Archeological Museum (sponsored by Comune di Colleferro, Rome) 2005;

  • A tactile tour for blind and partially sighted visitors in the Musei Capitolini – Galleria Lapidaria and Tabularium , with: n.3 explanatory panels; n.1 model of Palazzo Senatorio, which opens up so that blind visitors can touch and explore the inside; n. 1 guidebook with attached CD (sponsored by Comune di Roma ) 2005;

  • A tactile tour for blind and partially sighted visitors in the “Luigi Pigorini”National Museum (Prehistory and Ethnography) – Africa section – with: n.3 explanatory panels; n. 2 printed and Braille guidebooks; n. 2 CDs and n.2 “sketchbooks” with relief drawings ( sponsored by the L.Pigorini Museum) 2005;


  • Plastic model of Piazza del Campidoglio with the façades of the Capitolini palaces overlooking the square and a detail of Palazzo dei Conservatori (front section). (Sponsored by “ Amici dei Musei” of Rome with contributions by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Roma and Sovrintendenza Comunale di Roma) 2005/2008.
                                                   PILOT PROJECTS 
  •  Grasping sculpture through heuristics (proportions, golden section, symmetry)
     for persons with visual disabilities. 1997-1999;

  •  Multisensorial and multidisciplinary perception of Painting for the visually
     impaired. 1997;

  •  Studies to develop a new language and new alternative techniques of Art
     perception for Down persons. 1997-1999;

  •  “ Reading performances” for blind and partially sighted people. 2002;

  • Integrated workshops for the improvement of verbal-sign-artistic expression of mentally disabled persons. 2003-2004;

  • A course on “Searching and learning through images what cannot be explored “ for blind persons. 2007/2008.



  • Musei Vaticani (the Gregorian Profane, the Gregorian Egyptian, the Painting Collections , Raffaello’s Rooms, the Sistine Chapel) authorized by the Special Visits Office. 1995-2005

  • Museo Barracco. 1995/2010

  • Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. 1996/2003

  • Macro. 2000/2012

  • Musei Capitolini. 1997/2012

  • Museo della Civiltà Romana. 1997/2012

  • Catacombe di Pretestato, Domitilla, authorized by the Papal Commission for Sacred Archeology. 1998-2006

  • Roman archeological sites.  1998/2012

  • Roman Basilicas.  2000/2010

  • Museo della Arti e Tradizioni Popolari. 2004

  • Museo Preistorico ed Etnografico “L. Pigorini”. 2004/2011

  • Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali. 2005/2011

  • Museo Archeologico di Palestrina. 2005/2011

  • Villa d’Este e Museo del Libro Antico e Villa Adriana - Tivoli. 2005/2012

  • Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna di Roma, Gnam. 2009

  • Mercati Traianei. 2010/2011

  • Maxxi.  2010/2012




  • Ministero dei Beni Culturali- Servizi Didattici Educativi;

  • Unione Italiana Ciechi (U.I.C.);

  • Movimento Apostolico Ciechi (M.A.C.);

  • Associazione Italiana Paraplegici (A.I.P.);

  • Associazione Nazionale Persone Down;

  • Lega del Filo D’Oro;

  • Cooperative COIN, ANAFI;

  • Rome Metropolitan and Regional Secondary Schools and Higher Educational Institutes with disabled students enrolled in their classes;

  • Education Services of several National and Municipal Museums;

  • Centro Regionale Sant’Alessio Margherita di Savoia.


  •  Convegno su “Famiglia e Volontariato nella rete di solidarietà",
     Lucca 1994.(
    Meeting on “ Voluntary work and the Family: a solidarity network”)

  • 1° Convegno nazionale su “Volontariato e Istituzioni Pubbliche”, Venezia 1995.(1st National Conference on “Volunteering and Public Institutions”)

  • Seminario su Handicap visivo, Fondazione nazionale Volontariato, Roma 1995. (Seminar on Visual Disabilities, Fondazione Nazionale Volontariato)

  • Seminario sui Beni Artistici ed Ecclesiastici, C.E.I., Roma 1996. (Seminar on Ecclesiastic Art and Property , C.E.I.)

  • Seminario Handicap e turismo, Roma 1996.( Seminar on Tourism and Handicap)

  • Giornata internazionale del fanciullo, Roma 1996.( International Day of the Child)

  • Convegno internazionale persone Down, Roma 1997. (International Conference on Down Syndrome)

  • Convegno “Un laboratorio per la didattica museale”, Università Roma Tre, 1998.( Meeting on “Workshops in Museum Education”, Università Roma 3)

  • Convegno Nazionale “Museo Italia”, Magliano Alfieri (CN) 1999.( National Conference “ Museo Italia” , Magliano Alfieri (CN)

  • Fondazione Napoli ’99- concorso “Atlante Arte”- premiazione modellino del Tempietto di S:Giovanni in Oleo,eseguito dall’Associazione Museum in collaborazione con l’I.T.T. “T.Confalonieri”di Roma, Napoli 2000.( Fondazione Napoli 99 – Competition “Atlante Arte”- award winner: the model Temple of S.Giovanni in Oleo, by the Museum Association with the participation of I.T.T. “T.Confalonieri” in Rome)

  • Convegno Internazionale sul Volontariato – Torino 2001. (International Conference on Voluntary Service)

  • Convegno Nazionale sul Volontariato – Roma 2002. (National Conference on Voluntary Service)

  • Convegno internazionale “L’arte a portata di mano”, Ancona 2004.(International Conference “ Art at hand: how to promote a better access to Art and remove barriers”)

  • Convegno Nazionale “ Sensorialità associata: a proposito di multisensorialità”, Savigliano 2008.(National Conference on “ Multisensoriality: a combined sensorial approach”)

  • Convegno Nazionale “ Beni Culturali ed inclusione: quando l’”altro” è  senza   virgolette”, Roma 2009.(National Conference on “Cultural Heritage and inclusive education: when “ the other” is no longer in quotation marks)

  • Convegno “Il patrimonio DI tutti patrimonio PER tutti “, Roma 2011.
    (Conference “ The cultural heritage OF all FOR everyone”)

  • Convegno “ARTE AL TATTO: l’arte contemporanea e il museo si aprono al confronto e all’integrazione sociale delle disabilità", Macro - Roma 2012.(Conference “ ART BY TOUCH: contemporary art and the museum  opening up to a new challenge of social integration of disabilities”)

  • Convegno “L'arte figurativa per i non vedenti“,
     Istituto Sant'Alessio - Roma 2012 -  File audio delle relazioni della dott.ssa Karen Ilardi e della dott.ssa Rosangela De Acutis, volontarie dell'Associazione Museum. (Meeting “ Figurative art for the blind”  Audiofiles of the lectures by Karen Ilardi and Rosangela De Acutis, both Museum volunteers.)


  • “La scatola aperta” Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea , Fr. Palombi Editori, Rome 1999 (sponsored by Regione Lazio);

  • “The Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture – either only heads or bodies” with Braille text and audio CD, Fr. Palombi Editori, Rome 2000 (sponsored by Regione Lazio);

  •  “A Magic Box” ( La Farnesina ai Baullari), Fr.Palombi Editori, Rome 2001 (sponsored by Comune di Roma);

  • “I capolavori della statuaria” –Musei Capitolini – with audio CD, Silvio Zamorani Editore (sponsored by Associazione Amici dei Musei) text with audio CD;

  • “L’Appartamento dei Conservatori “, Musei Capitolini – Silvio Zamorani Editore, Roma 2004 Text with Audio CD (by Museum);

  • “Preistoria- Manufatti e Tecniche”, L.Pigorini Museum, Silvio Zamorani Editore, Roma 2005 (sponsored by L.Pigorini Museum);

  • “Etnografia – Africa” L.Pigorini Museum, Silvio Zamorani Editore, Roma 2005 (sponsored by L.Pigorini Museum);

  • “Dalla solidarietà alla didattica” by Giuseppina Simili. Capitolium, Dec./Feb. 2006 n.7, pages 67-70;

  • “I Musei del Comune di Roma: un’esperienza in itinere per la conquista della libertà e dell’autonomia da parte dei disabili visivi” from the book “L’Arte a Portata di Mano”, Armando Editore, Roma 2006 (sponsored by Museo Statale Tattile Omero);

  •  We are also present in the series The Airplane Treasures with “Lasciatevi guidare”, Edizioni Airplane, Bologna 2006;

  • “C’era una volta…nella lontana Terra tra i Due Fiumi conoscersi per rispettarsi”, F.Palombi Editori, Roma 2006. (sponsored by Comune di Roma);

  • “Museo Archeologico di Palestrina” edited by the Museum Association, Roma 2006 (text and MP3 audio version)(sponsored by Regione Lazio);

  • “Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali”, text and MP3 audio version edited by the Museum Association, Roma 2006, (sponsored by Regione Lazio);

  •  “Villa d’Este e Museo Didattico del Libro Antico” , text and MP3 audio version, edited by the Museum Association, Roma 2006 (sponsored by Regione Lazio);

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  • “Messaggi dalla Pietra” Musei Capitolini, text and MP3 audio version, Silvio Zamorani Editore, Torino 2007 (sponsored by Comune di Roma).