Come and join us! The Museum Association is looking for people willing to work on a strictly voluntary basis in non profit activities connected with different museums , such as special guided tours for:

  • Visitors with visual disabilities(blind, partially sighted, deaf/blind persons);

  • Visitors with hearing impairment;

  • Visitors with slight mental disabilities;

  • Visitors with Down syndrome;

  • Visitors with impaired mobility;

  • Elderly people;

  • Groups of school students.

    Our activities also include the organization of workshops within a number of museums in Rome and surrounding area, the preparation of guided tours in art exhibits and other special events, the gathering and drawing up of information material on the museums, with the aim of promoting a better understanding of art in its different forms among people who have no easy access to it.

    We welcome your help whether you have a specific artistic background and competence, or are willing to cooperate also in other ways, such as in the administrative work involved in the running of our Association, or taking care of a network of relationships with the Institutions, or developing a series of current activities to be carried out throughout the year.

    We don’t ask of you a fixed amount of your time, but we do expect that whatever you’ll choose to be involved in –be it guided tours, workshops or other supporting activities – you will be able to fulfil your task and carry it out thoroughly.

    E-mail us if you are interested and we’ll contact you for an interview.    

We also welcome people with a good knowledge of foreign languages – English and German particularly- (but not necessarily specialized in Art) to help us in guided tours with groups from abroad.